What are refugees praying for during Ramadan?

Last Ramadan, UNHCR field staff in Lebanon and Jordan asked Syrian refugee families about how they are spending Ramadan – and we discovered something beautiful. Despite living in severe need, refugee families are praying for others every single day during Ramadan and beyond. Please watch this heartwarming video that we made out of the prayers that were caught on camera… “I pray for all mankind, may god enrich our hearts with kindness towards each other, and put mercy in the

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As we make our way through the Holy month of Ramadan this year, millions of people are observing this blessed month in hardship: After fleeing war or violence and now under the exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Refugees and other displaced people are among the most vulnerable members of our societies and are particularly at risk during this pandemic. The majority of the world’s refugees live in countries with weak water, sanitation and health systems, and often rely

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