The Impact of Your Zakat on Vulnerable Families this Winter: the Story of Shakiba

If you meet Shakiba, you’ll notice that she talks a little bit too quickly. You might not understand some of what she is saying, but her story, her heartbreak and resilience should be heard. That’s what we are here to tell you about. Do you know that thousands of elderly refugees, like Shakiba and her husband, live in areas that reach sub-zero temperatures in winter? “When the bombing and violence started, some 15 people from my family died. We were

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Imagine what your Zakat can do for refugees this Ramadan

First and foremost, UNHCR’s global Ramadan campaign is the organization’s commitment to honor and celebrate the values of more than 60% of its persons of concern, who are, yet another year, observing the holy month away from home. In fact, Ramadan this year is like no other: refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are living an emergency within an emergency and are one of the most vulnerable populations in the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our responsibility towards the

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The Refugee Zakat Fund: 5 Things You Need to Know

I have worked for UNHCR for more than eight years now, and I’ve had the privilege to work on supporting refugee and internally displaced families who have fled some of the world’s most tragic and complex crises; from Syria, Myanmar, Yemen, and Iraq. Since its creation in 1950, UNHCR’s goal is to protect and assist the most vulnerable of refugees, those who had to run for their lives in a matter of seconds, leaving behind shattered lives, homes and loved

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