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Zakat Funds

For thousands displaced by harsh tragedies and natural calamities, your Zakat helps take care of their family needs for food, water, shelter, medicine and more. During these blessed days, your Zakat dedication has a lasting impact on those most vulnerable, providing urgent cash assistance for core relief items they need most.

With a 100% guarantee that your Zakat reaches those in need, dedicate it with confidence – the Refugee Zakat Fund is compliant, and they are eligible.

You can calculate your Zakat here and dedicate it to eligible families who have fled devastating crises. 100% of your Zakat is guaranteed to reach those in need as lifesaving cash or goods.

100% Zakat Distribution Policy
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Step 1

Please use the following bank account details: Kindly note the different IBAN for each currency.

UNHCR Non-Interest Bearing Fundraising Accounts:

In the transfer description field, please use “Zakat MENA” followed by the destination country of your Zakat (Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt , India, Jordan, Yemen, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Nigeria or Mauritania)

Step 2

Please notify us at care@unhcr.org when the bank transfer is done. Please make sure to include your name, the amount of your donation, contact info and country of residence. This will help us track your donation and update the counter of the families supported.

Please include your contact details (Email and phone number) when proceeding with the transfer so we can confirm receiving your gift and communicate with you properly


UNHCR's Refugee Zakat Fund is a trusted, compliant and effective distributor.

UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund is subject to rigorous governance and oversight, ensuring transparency at every step of Zakat collection and distribution.

Before establishing the Refugee Zakat Fund, UNHCR consulted several leading Islamic scholars and fatwa institutions across the Muslim world. To date, 16 fatwas have been received from more than 10 Islamic institutions globally.

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Join a community of givers who have helped more than 6 million displaced people worldwide
With increasing costs and dwindling resources, your Zakat will help families see through Ramadan and pay towards necessities such as food, water, shelter, medicine, and more

Majority of displaced families fall under at least 4 of the 8 Zakat categories mentioned in the Qur’an. Learn more about these categories below.

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UNHCR is following a 100% Zakat distribution policy.
100% of Zakat contributions are distributed to the most vulnerable refugee and internally displaced families, including in hard-to-reach areas.

Exceptionally for Zakat funds, UNHCR has waived its standard 6.5% indirect support costs, to ensure that 100% of your Zakat goes directly to the most vulnerable families. Any expenses associated with the distribution of Zakat are covered by other sources of funding to UNHCR.

Any expenses associated with the distribution of Zakat are covered by other sources of funding to UNHCR. You may wish to help us cover some of these costs by topping up your Zakat contribution with a 6.5% Sadaqah.