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Dedicate you Zakat
Who we are?

Through its Zakat initiative, and in collaboration with Tabah Foundation for Research and Consultation, UNHCR is the first UN agency of its type to provide an efficient, trusted and compliant route to fulfil Zakat obligations.

UNHCR’s unique cash-assistance programme guarantees 100% of Zakat contributions go directly to the people most in need in the region: refugees. Via this innovative and mobile-friendly Zakat platform, your Zakat is immediately assigned to eligible refugee families in Jordan and Lebanon. Furthermore, refugees are eligible recipients of your Zakat, meeting four of the eight criteria prescribed for Zakat beneficiaries.

UNHCR’s Zakat initiative (from collection to distribution) is subject to rigorous governance and oversight, ensuring transparency throughout the process, and our core mandate and ground-work set the global benchmarks for provision of aid. UNHCR’s Zakat initiative is fully Shariah compliant; it is backed by fatwas from five respected scholars and institutions; and is endorsed by leading clerics. In providing a fast, efficient, discreet and safe way for people to fulfill their Zakat obligations, through secure digital payments, UNHCR is bringing Zakat provision into the modern era.

Dedicate you Zakat