For Bank Transfer Donations:

Step 1

Please use the following bank account details:
Kindly note the different IBAN for each currency.

UNHCR Non-Interest Bearing Fundraising Accounts:

Beneficiary: UNHCR
Swiss Clearing Number: 240
Beneficiary Bank: UBS AG, P.O. Box 2770, 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
Recipient Address: 1211 Geneva 2, Switzerland
City: Geneva
Region/Province: Geneva
Postal Code: P.O. Box 2770
Phone Number: +41 22 879 16 11

Currency USD
IBAN : CH4800240240FP1003991

Currency EUR
IBAN : CH9100240240FP1003993

Currency GBP
IBAN : CH8000240240FP1003997

In the transfer description field, please use “Zakat MENA” followed by the destination country of your Zakat (Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Egypt and Mauritania)

Step 2

Please notify us at when the bank transfer is done. Please make sure to include your name, the amount of your donation, contact info and country of residence. This will help us track your donation and update the counter of the families supported.


Please include your contact details (Email and phone number) when proceeding with the transfer so we can confirm receiving your gift and communicate with you properly


UNHCR’s refund policy

If you have any queries about your donations to the UN refugee agency, please contact us at In the event that further information is needed, you can visit WorldPay’s knowledge base for a comprehensive set of Shopper FAQs, which can give you advice on refunds. Tax-free donations can be made through a number of our national offices and associations. Your donation will support UNHCR emergency work in Syria and other countries where refugees and internally displaced people are in need.

“Tax Disclaimer: Donations made directly to UNHCR may not be tax deductible in your country of residence. Laws regarding contributions to United Nations agencies vary from country to country. UNHCR does, however, partner with dedicated fundraising associations in a number of countries as well as having country specific offices with their own fundraising capacity. These countries include the USA, Germany, Spain, Japan, Australia, Italy, Canada, UK, South Korea, Hong Kong and Belgium. In order to make tax deductible donations through these offices you will need to donate through their individual websites. We are, however, able to issue a receipt of donation from UNHCR international that may be accepted in certain instances. We would suggest that if in doubt you contact your local tax advisor for guidelines on whether your gift is eligible or not.”