Canadian Council of Imams | Canada

Established in 1990, the Canadian Council of Imams gathers imams from around the country to serve the Muslim community in the country. The Council also act as an advisor on to Government agencies on topics related to Muslims.

After reviewing the relevant documents provided by UNHCR containing information regarding its Refugee Zakat Fund, including the fatwas issued from various leading scholars and institutions within the Muslim world, the Canadian Council of Imams endorsed the view that UNHCR is an eligible organization for receiving Zakat funds from Muslims in Canada and distributing it to refugees.

The Council then states that:

“This endorsement remains in place so long as the UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund is in fulfilment of its primary pillars of governance which are stated as follows:  

  1. Being fully Shari‘ah compliant based on the Islamic rules and laws pertaining to Zakat collection and distribution, whereby 100% of its funds are given to eligible recipients amongst the specified refugee populations within the global Muslim community;
  2. Having transparent financial management and accountability, whereby funds are deposited in a dedicated interest-free bank account and the disbursement of the funds is fully traceable; such management and accountability also includes providing customized Zakat fund reports on a regular basis to its partners and contributors, alongside those interested from within the general Muslim community;
  3. Having the means for consistent assessment and monitoring of the aforementioned in place to ensure continuous compliance of the UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund with Islamic principles of Zakat collection and distribution.”

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