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The Refugee Zakat Fund
Trusted. Efficient. Pioneering.
UNHCR has restructured its Zakat program into a global fund, the Refugee Zakat Fund: A trusted, efficient and pioneering Sharia-compliant structure that harnesses the power of Zakat to make a positive impact on the world.

UNHCR launched the Refugee Zakat Fund in April 2019 with the aim of expanding the impact of Zakat funds to thousands more eligible refugee and internally displaced families who desperately need support worldwide.

Since 2016, Zakat funds received by UNHCR has supported 6,888 vulnerable refugee families, including widows, elderly, and those taking care of orphans – with vital cash assistance. Your generous Zakat donations reached $14.4 million, 100% of which were distributed to eligible refugee families, enabling them to cover their basic expenses such as rent, food, medicine, and often debt repayment, as they struggle to make ends meet away from home.

“For the poor emigrants who were expelled from their homes and their properties” – [Al-Hashr:8]

The long Islamic tradition of according asylum-seekers with dignity and respect was established long before modern refugee and international law. The Holy Qur’an advises Muslims to give protection to those who need it.

UNHCR is dedicated to protect and assist refugees worldwide. From this Ramadan to the next, the Refugee Zakat Fund needs your help to reach as many as 24,000 of the most vulnerable refugee and internally displaced families from Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Mali with lifesaving Zakat funds. You can calculate your Zakat and trust that 100% will reach the families who need it the most, without any deductions.

The Refugee Zakat Fund is subject to rigorous governance and oversight, ensuring transparency throughout the whole process from collection to distribution. The Fund is fully Sharia compliant; it is backed by fatwas from respected scholars and institutions and endorsed by leading clerics.

With your Zakat, we will reach those who need us the most with life-changing and dignified support.

If you have questions about the Refugee Zakat Fund please visit this page, or you can contact us.

Give Zakat for Warmth