Dedicating your Zakat is a few clicks away!

With its latest version, the App now offers an enhanced user experience along with innovative tools to give, track, and manage your Zakat and Sadaqah contributions. 

The Refugee Zakat Fund App’s latest and enhanced version provides innovative tools to give, track, and manage your Zakat and Sadaqa contributions.  

Automated Login

The Refugee Zakat Fund App’s login feature facilitates a seamless and simple donation, allowing users to create accounts with their personal credentials to easily manage and update donations. It also provides an easy and quick experience by eliminating the need to fill in your personal information every time you need to make a new donation.

Transaction History 

Users can view all past donations done through the Zakat App, or on any UNHCR donation platform, and with a single click, download transaction history via the App.

Track your donation 

A step-by-step tracking feature allows full visibility and transparency on donation status and details, so users can use their donation ID’s to track their contributions from the time of donation, to being received to UNHCR’s account, to preparation for distribution by our teams on the ground, and until it is finally received by the beneficiary family. 


The Refugee Zakat Fund’s Calculator provides an effortless and accurate way to determine the amount of Zakat required to be given as per Sharia Law. It provides Zakat calculations for various forms of wealth such as gold, silver, money and stock. 

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