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Dedicate you Zakat

In April 2019 UNHCR launched its global Refugee Zakat Fund, a trusted, efficient and pioneering structure that harnesses the power of Zakat to positively impact the world, by assisting the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs, in addition to communities hosting them. The Fund aims to channel lifesaving and life-changing support to 24,000 of the most vulnerable refugee and displaced families from Syria, Iraq, Mali, Myanmar and Yemen. Your help allows these families to cover their urgent needs and provide shelter, food, and medicine to their children. Not only can you keep these families safe, but you will protect them from the potential dangers of child labour and exploitation, or from desperately returning to war zones.

Today, we ask you to dedicate your Zakat to those most in need.

Refugee and internally displaced families who have spent years – not just months – away from their homes. I ask you to stay by their side, so that they can survive another year in dignity.

By donating $10,000 you can secure
8 families for 1 year.
Your $10,000 Zakat donation can provide
shelter, food and protection to the most vulnerable.


You can give Zakat online* on the following link:

Dedicate your Zakat

*The online platform accepts a maximum of $20,000 at a time. For larger donations, please contact us by completing the form below and we will provide you with a customized packet on exactly how your donation amount will benefit displaced individuals.

Find out how your $20,000+ Zakat giving will benefit vulnerable displaced families.

Complete the form below and a UNHCR staff member will contact you to prepare a customized donor packet.

    Dedicate you Zakat