Yemen is on the brink of famine.

Yemen is on the brink of famine. Parents are skipping meals to make ends meet. Thousands of people in Yemen are facing hunger and malnutrition, Simply because they cannot afford food. Women and children displaced by ongoing conflict are those most affected. Today you can help displaced families to afford warm food, clean water, and keep their children safe. Make the most of Dhul Hijjah and save a displaced family from hunger now. Please Give Now

Hanan, Displaced Yemeni: Are my children going to eat the next day?

“No good deeds done on other days are superior to those done on these.” Hadith. Yemen is on the brink of famine, and displaced families are most affected. Make the most of Dhul Hijjah and help us to reach 1,000 families with emergency cash aid. In these blessed days, you can protect vulnerable families like Hanan’s from hunger and malnutrition. Donate now

This Ramadan, every second of giving made a difference

This Ramadan, every second of giving made a difference. Thanks to the incredible supporters like you, we were able to provide life-saving support to over 11,000 families for a whole year. To all the hearts that stood #WithRefugees this Ramadan. Thank you for your generosity. We invite you to remember refugees in your prayers and giving always.

100% of Your Zakat Donations Go to Eligible Refugee Families

This Ramadan, dedicate your Zakat with Confidence. The Refugee Zakat Fund delivers 100% of your Zakat donations to refugee families who are eligible for Zakat. Today, thousands of displaced families are threatened with hunger and eviction. More than ever, they depend on your support to feed their children. Share the blessings of the holy month with a family who lost everything. This Ramadan #EverySecondCounts Dedicate your Zakat to refugees now

Share blessings of the last days of Ramadan with Nadine

“My faith in God is huge, and may God accept my good deeds…I’m raising my children without a father and I’m patient in this. God willing, I hope my children do the best that they can, for me and for their father, may he rest in peace.” Nadine, a Syrian refugee mother in Lebanon. Ramadan brings back all Nadine’s memories of living normal family life in safety. “My best Ramadan memories from Syria are with my late husband. I used

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Zakat Al Fitr | Egypt

Following several requests from donors interested to devote their Zakat al Fitr to refugees and IDPs, UNHCR reached out in April 2021 to Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy to enquire about the permissibility of distributing Zakat al Fitr in cash to eligible refugees and IDPs. After confirming that refugees and IDPs fall under four of the eight categories of Zakat recipients, Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy stated in its fatwa that they are entitled to receive Zakat Al Fitr, and that it

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Your Zakat Matters the Most to Um Abdullah and Her Son

Um Abdullah, is a mother who sacrificed everything to care for her son. She lost her husband back in Syria and had to care for their only child alone. She spent many nights worrying and crying and unfortunately lost her sight. Now she relies on thirteen-year-old Abdullah to help her to survive. ‘Abdullah means the world to me… I am alive because of my son”, she expressed wholeheartedly. Abdullah’s whole life has been transformed since the war started. He told

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How is Fatima Spending Ramadan in Kutupalong Refugee Camp?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable as many families live in one room inside already overcrowded camps. Many families are scared. Fatima is a refugee who lost her husband in Myanmar. She walked for days carrying her children across mountains and rivers to eventually reach safety in Kutupalong refugee camp. “We don’t have any money…so it’s a problem to have enough food.” Fatima told us. Mothers like Fatima rely on aid to survive away from

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Canadian Council of Imams | Canada

Established in 1990, the Canadian Council of Imams gathers imams from around the country to serve the Muslim community in the country. The Council also act as an advisor on to Government agencies on topics related to Muslims. After reviewing the relevant documents provided by UNHCR containing information regarding its Refugee Zakat Fund, including the fatwas issued from various leading scholars and institutions within the Muslim world, the Canadian Council of Imams endorsed the view that UNHCR is an eligible

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Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy | Egypt

The university-mosque of Al-Azhar, situated in Cairo, Egypt, is the foremost center of religious learning in the Muslim world and plays a significant intellectual role in Egypt and beyond. Al-Azhar was built in 970 as a mosque and became an institution in 1171. Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy is the institution’s supreme body for Islamic research. Al-Azhar Islamic Research Academy issued a fatwa in March 2021 allowing UNHCR to receive and distribute Zakat funds, highlighting that most of the Zakat categories

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