Nawal is the sole caretaker of her daughters. Help thousands like her during Dhul Hijjah.

Nawal is a Syrian refugee mother from Daraa. She has been living in Lebanon since 2014 and, like thousands of other refugee mothers, Nawal is the sole provider for her family and the sole caretaker of her two daughters Shireen and Lava. Shireen, her younger daughter, is autistic. She survived breast cancer and today suffers from gland disease and severe diabetes. Lava, her older daughter, suffers from cerebral palsy. She can’t walk or move properly, stays in bed all the

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This month of Dhul Hijjah, dont forget Ayman and Ghalia

Ayman, 53, fled his home in Damascus in 2012. He describes how he lived a good life in Syria before the conflict started. He owned a workshop making women’s purses and a shop to sell them. He travelled to Dubai, Libya and Syria for work, trading with customers across the Middle East and worked side by side with his brother on a daily basis. But then everything changed. “We didn’t expect that events would happen like they did. We thought

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Umm Ibrahim, an Iraqi IDP, is forced to reduce her meals during Ramadan

Umm Ibrahim, an Iraqi IDP, lost her husband, and two of her sons were kidnapped by an extremist group. The loss of breadwinners in her family prompted her to take difficult measures as to the amount and type of food that she and her children eat, especially during Ramadan. During Ramadan this year, Umm Ibrahim struggles to secure a livelihood for her family. She says: “One day I cook and another I don’t. During the whole of Ramadan, I only

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Remember Aisha and her family during Ramadan and Eid 

The month of Ramadan always brings good times for millions around the world, as families and loved ones gather, charity and solidarity with those in need grow, and everyone, old and young, awaits Eid. This was the case for Aisha since her childhood and after her marriage. However, about two years ago, Eid brought her and her children news that changed their lives.  This displaced Yemeni mother tells us her story and shares her sorrows with us. She remembers that

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Badar: A Rohingya Father Worried about the Future of his Children

Back in Myanmar (previously known as Burma), Badar used to work in agriculture and carpentry to provide education for his children, and he never thought that his life will drastically change. In August 2017, violence and persecution of the Rohingya Muslim minority witnessed a significant increase, forcing more than 743,000 people to flee their homes, seeking safety in neighboring Bangladesh. Badar and his family had to take a perilous journey through mountains and rivers to reach refugee camps in Cox’s

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Get to know Fattoum, a displaced Yemeni mother who struggles to take care of her orphaned children.

Fattoum lost her husband and became the sole breadwinner for her four daughters. Thousands of displaced mothers in Yemen share the same fate, having lost their spouses and their homes due to war and conflict. All of them are struggling today to provide meals to their orphaned children to break their Ramadan fasts, and they count on UNHCR to survive. Around 11 million people in Yemen suffer from high levels of food insecurity. The country is on the brink of

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Laila, an Iraqi displaced women caring for her grandchildren

Laila is an Iraqi IDP who, aside from battling cancer and enduring chemotherapy, has suffered the loss of her husband and son. She takes care of her grandchildren, yet with the advent of the month of Ramadan, her needs have increased, and this grandmother now stands helpless because of her dire situation and poverty. At a time when everyone waits for the month of Ramadan to gather around their families, this month has come to remind Laila of her losses

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The story of Abu Safwan: an elderly refugee who cares for his grandchildren and distributes bread to orphans.

Despite his harsh living conditions, Abu Safwan is keen to help others instead of asking for help, especially after he – along with his wife – lost their four children during the conflict in Syria, rendering them the sole breadwinner for their grandchildren, which also led him to help other orphans. Still affected by the loss of his children, Abu Safwan says: “my grandchildren have become my children, I held them on my shoulders and ran for our lives”. Abu

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Yemen is on the brink of famine.

Yemen is on the brink of famine. Parents are skipping meals to make ends meet. Thousands of people in Yemen are facing hunger and malnutrition, Simply because they cannot afford food. Women and children displaced by ongoing conflict are those most affected. Today you can help displaced families to afford warm food, clean water, and keep their children safe. Make the most of Dhul Hijjah and save a displaced family from hunger now. Please Give Now

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