Escalating Violence in Sudan: An Urgent Humanitarian Crisis

UNHCR urgently needs your support to protect and assist civilians caught in the midst of escalating violence in Sudan. Refugees, internally displaced people, and local communities are facing severe challenges as they struggle to access essential resources and assistance. The outbreak of fighting has significantly hindered humanitarian efforts, making it even more critical for us to step up and provide aid to those in desperate need.

As people flee the violence, they are arriving in neighboring countries such as Chad, South Sudan, and Egypt. UNHCR is working tirelessly with these governments and partners to respond to the immediate needs of the new arrivals and to prepare for more potential refugees. Among the most urgent necessities are water, food, shelter, health care, relief items, gender-based violence response and prevention, and alternative care services for refugee children at risk of family separation. The nature of the violence also necessitates prioritizing psychosocial support for children and parents.

UNHCR and partners require $445 million to support an estimated 860,000 refugees and returnees from Sudan in the five countries impacted by the emergency. Current operations in these neighboring countries, which already host large refugee and IDP populations, are severely underfunded. Your timely, generous support is crucial to ensure that we can provide assistance to those fleeing hostilities, as well as to host countries and communities that are welcoming those seeking safety. Please join us in our mission to protect and assist those affected by the ongoing crisis in Sudan by contributing your Sadaqah to UNHCR today. Your support will make a life-changing difference in the lives of countless individuals and families.

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