Afrah, a Yemeni mother: “the last time we ate meat was last Eid”

The month of Ramadan in Yemen is difficult to imagine. The situation there has been deemed the worst humanitarian crisis globally, where hunger is a daily challenge for millions.

As the sole provider for her family, Afrah a displaced Yemeni mother, shares her struggles during the holy month of Ramadan.

“If my children want juice or biscuits, I try to get it for them with the little I have. I can’t buy these things often… I try to teach them patience because of how we live now…”

Thousands of families continue to skip meals or drastically reduce portions in order to make ends meet. As prices rise all over the world, the threat of malnutrition is alarmingly real. The last time Afrah’s family ate meat was a year ago, at Eid.

While securing food is a real challenge for displaced Yemenis, as a mother, Afrah has even more heartbreaking troubles on her mind. As she told us of her dearest wish, she could not help but cry tears of despair.

I wish I could make my daughters happy […]. I wish I could send them gifts, so they know their mother hasn’t forgotten about them.”

Forced to flee, Afrah was separated from her two daughters. It is what saddens her the most.

This Ramadan, your Zakat or Sadaqah contribution can be a lifeline to a family in need in Yemen.

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