Remember refugee mothers like Yazi (Um Mustafa) with your Zakat

I’ve seen many refugee stories during my work with UNHCR. Some were tragic and sad and others were full of hope and resilience, but the story of Um Mustafa will be hard for me to forget. Imagine the suffering that she could be passing through during this winter.

First, I would like to send Yazi my sincere wishes that she could soon meet her son sound and safe. Being separated from him had left a lot of sadness and pain in her life. Like every winter, UNHCR aims to support vulnerable refugees with winter cash assistance so they can survive the cold season.

“He’s my only son, and he is gone… May God help everyone and re-unite every child with their mothers.”

Um Mustafa is a widowed refugee who survives on the hope of seeing her son who was lost nearly 7 years ago. They were separated during a mass fleeing from the war in Syria in 2016. Today, she’s one of the vulnerable refugees who depend on UNHCR’s support to secure warmth.

Every day feels like a year… It’s loneliness when no one is around you…” Um Mustafa describes her situation.

For Um Mustafa, winter days feels too long, but its nights seems to be endless. She worries about what her son is doing especially that he suffers Epilepsy. He should be 20 years old now. Trapped in poverty, she fears what the future hides and how to survive winter.

Thanks to the generous supporters, we had been able to support vulnerable families and protect their dignities when they’re away from their loved one. This support is a lifeline for refugees like Um Mustafa and helps them afford warmth, shelter, food and medicine.

Remember refugee mothers with your Zakat and Sadaqah

“May God reward those supporting us. My wish is that no one experience what we have been through.”   Refugee stories have always been inspiring to us in UNHCR, and I had the chance to witness how philanthropy and sharing can alleviate their sufferings in the region and around the world.   Today, your donation is highly needed to help those most in need this winter. Your donations will be delivered as cash assistance to the most vulnerable refugee and internally displaced families.

In December 21st, Winter season starts officially in the region, especially in countries hosting thousands of displaced families. 90 nights of the bitter cold, no one should have to endure it. Together, we can help provide warmth and safety to those most in need.

Tonight, let’s wish M. to win his mother’s love again

Um Mustafa is spending this winter alone, but she and thousands of mothers like her urgently need our support. Every donation, every Zakat and every Sadaqah can make a big difference. Donate Now.

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