6 things you should know about UNHCR’s Zakat fund

Let us shed some light on UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund and explore 6 key facts that highlight its strong governance and important role in delivering lifesaving assistance to eligible families worldwide.  

1- Zakat Eligibility

You’ll be dedicating your Zakat to vulnerable refugees and IDPs who fall under at least four of the eight categories of eligible recipients mentioned in the Holy Quran: the poor, the needy, the debtors, and the wayfarers.

2- Endorsed by 17 Fatwas!

The Fund is endorsed by 17 fatwas from prominent scholars and institutions globally, including the Muslim World League, OIC’s International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA) and Al-Azhar’s Islamic Research Academy.

3- 100% Distribution Policy

Give your Zakat with confidence! The Fund follows a 100% Zakat-distribution policy to eligible beneficiaries as recommended by the fatwas, with no administrative fees taken from Zakat.

Exceptionally for Zakat funds, any expenses associated with the distribution of Zakat are covered by other sources of UNHCR funding, ensuring that 100% of your Zakat goes directly to the most vulnerable families.

4- More than 8 million beneficiaries to date

Since its launch in 2017, Zakat and Sadaqah contributions received to the Refugee Zakat Fund are being distributed to the most vulnerable forcibly displaced people worldwide, spanning 28 countries including Yemen, Syria, Bangladesh, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq, Mauritania, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Sudan.

5- Simple, efficient, and innovative – the Fund also has an App!

Not only does the Refugee Zakat Fund App promise a user-friendly experience, but it also comes packed with intelligent features like an accurate Zakat calculator, tracking capabilities, and historical Zakat data as well. Download the app today and dedicate your Zakat easily and effectively.

6- Signed Zakat receipts, Certificates of distribution, and Annual Summaries

Upon dedicating your Zakat, you will receive an official Zakat receipt signed by Khaled Khalifa, the Senior Advisor to the High Commissioner on Islamic Philanthropy and UNHCR Representative to Gulf Cooperation Council countries. After the distribution is complete, an official Zakat Distribution Certificate will be issued with details on country of distribution and beneficiaries. Additionally, you will receive an annual Zakat Summary for your Zakat donations throughout the year.

Your Zakat can have a beautiful impact on the lives of those who have lost so much, providing relief, comfort, and hope through a distributor that is trusted, compliant, and effective.

As the holy month approaches, let’s share the blessings with those who need it most. 

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