Sheikhul Islam | Thailand

Giving during Ramadan is not just about charity; it’s a core belief in Islam about caring for others. The money raised in this year’s Ramadan campaign will go towards helping refugees and displaced families in dire need of support.

The Sheikhul Islam of Thailand, Arun Boonchom, as the spiritual leader of Thailand’s Muslim community, is supporting UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)’s Ramadan campaign. The campaign aims to help people in need among refugees and other displaced people affected by violence and poverty. As Muslims observe Ramadan, Arun Boonchom urges everyone to be kind and give generously.

“I am pleased to join UNHCR’s global fundraising initiative to support refugees who observe the holy month of Ramadan away homes. Donations are essential for UNHCR to save lives and help vulnerable families, most of whom fall under at least four of the eight Zakat categories mentioned in the Qu’ran”.

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