How to extend your Ramadan table to refugees in need

During these blessed days of Ramadan, our hearts are called to perform acts of compassion and community towards those in need. We remember refugees whose lives, disrupted by conflicts and natural disasters, are marked by loss and uncertainty. And while our homes and tables overflow with joy and togetherness, for refugees, there is often no such place. This year, we send a heartfelt call to extend your Ramadan table to vulnerable refugee and displaced families.  

Take a look at the many ways you can support a family in need:

Extend your Ramadan table

As you prepare your table for Iftar, consider offering a virtual seat to those forced to break their fast away from everything they know and love. Your donation can help displaced families afford a warm iftar meal, clean water, safe shelter and more.

Refugee Zakat Fund Platform

100% Zakat Delivery
This Ramadan, give your Zakat with confidence! Endorsed by 17 Fatwas, the Fund follows a 100% Zakat-distribution policy to eligible beneficiaries with no administrative fees.

Refugee Zakat Fund App

With an accurate Zakat calculator, secured payment method, and real time reporting, you can dedicate your Zakat through the Refugee Zakat Fund App at the click of a button.

Tribute Giving

Honour the memory of your loved ones or those close to your heart by including them in your acts of charity. Make a tribute donation during the holy month and bring relief and hope to those in need.

Major Giving

The power of numbers! By donating major gifts and joining our Major Giving Community, you have the opportunity to amplify your impact. We work closely with you to determine the focus of your gift and report back on the outcomes we accomplish together.

Monthly Giving

Your monthly support helps refugee families survive with dignity until they can rebuild their lives and your donation helps provide food and shelter to families in need. 

To us at UNHCR, the Ramadan Campaign is a testament of the profound impact of collective support. Over the years, we have witnessed firsthand the difference your generosity has made in the lives of those most in need, and together, we hope to embark on this journey of giving once more. 

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