The Story of Turfah: “We were forced to sleep hungry”

As the holy month approaches a close, we are reminded how important these last blessed days are. With nine days left, your good deeds will transform into blessings for you, and for those most in need.

Help refugees during the last blessed days

90-year-old Turfah is a Syrian refugee in Lebanon. As the sole caretaker of her two disabled daughters, the hardships she faces as she tries to look after her family, are unimaginable.

“We were forced to go to sleep hungry…we ate only half portions.”

She remembers better times in Syria, when Iftar meals meant an abundance of the things they loved. But the crisis in the country changed their lives completely – they lost everything.

“I have no sons and no men in my family to support me. I only have God.”

At this time especially, we have the chance to show families like Turfah’s that they are not alone. Their prayers are heard, their well-being is important and that someone, truly cares.

Shelter. Food. Water. Medicine. They need life essentials that we so often take for granted.

Every Zakat contribution makes a difference.

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