How is Fatima Spending Ramadan in Kutupalong Refugee Camp?

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh are particularly vulnerable as many families live in one room inside already overcrowded camps. Many families are scared.

Fatima is a refugee who lost her husband in Myanmar. She walked for days carrying her children across mountains and rivers to eventually reach safety in Kutupalong refugee camp. “We don’t have any money…so it’s a problem to have enough food.” Fatima told us. Mothers like Fatima rely on aid to survive away from home.

With no relatives or friends to turn to, Ramadan is a lonely time for Fatima. But like any mother, she is doing everything she can to provide for her children while her eldest son is by her side.

“I must take care of my siblings.” Her son told us. “I wake up early in the morning and I pray. Then, I help my mother if she needs help. My hope for my brothers and sisters is for a home so that they can live properly.” He added.

In the holy month, share the blessings with vulnerable families like Fatima and her orphaned children to help them have a warm meal for Iftar, clean water, safety and protection, and their children can keep hoping for a normal life.

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