Your Zakat Matters the Most to Um Abdullah and Her Son

Um Abdullah, is a mother who sacrificed everything to care for her son. She lost her husband back in Syria and had to care for their only child alone. She spent many nights worrying and crying and unfortunately lost her sight.

Now she relies on thirteen-year-old Abdullah to help her to survive. ‘Abdullah means the world to me… I am alive because of my son”, she expressed wholeheartedly.

Abdullah’s whole life has been transformed since the war started. He told us how he feels he has more responsibility than the other kids now, but his dedication to his mother touched our hearts. “When I grow up, I’ll take her to the doctors and see what they can do. I wish that she could see me in front of her,” he said.

Through your kindness and ongoing support, we were able through the years to touch the lives of so many families who have lost everything. And today your Zakat matters the most, to help refugees like Um Abdullah and her son to get through these unprecedented times.

During this blessed month of abundance and empathy, we ask you to open your heart and to give generously to those who are still holding together with incredible patience, faith and love.

Every second in Ramadan is a chance to share the blessings. Support Um Abdullah’s family and many other eligible families with your Zakat now #EverySecondCounts.

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