Do you know a girl called Falmata?

When we think of Falmata, the word that first comes to mind is “perseverance.” At only 12 years old, Falmata has faced tremendous hardship in her short life, yet she remains optimistic and headstrong in her plans for the future. 

Having lost her father at the hands of a violent extremist group and her grandmother and mother during displacement, Falmata has lived without a family for most of her life. Like many other separated and displaced children, Falmata has had to fend for herself while navigating through the many hurdles in her path, such as her disability. Falmata lost the use of both her legs after contracting Polio. Despite her tumultuous past, Falmata continues onward with bright eyes and an even brighter future as she aims to continue her education and find a good job. 

There are so many more forcibly displaced people, especially children, around the world like Falmata, each with their unique stories of hardship and having overcome their unique set of hurdles. These individuals inspire UNHCR to continue to provide vital assistance to vulnerable communities and allow them to not only survive but thrive despite their circumstances. 

According to the UNHCR Islamic Philanthropy 2021 Mid-Year Report, 3,699 children like Falamata will receive psycho-social support services during 2021 due to the generous contribution from the Muslim World League (MWL) who has been a longstanding partner of UNHCR. 

The Report, launched in collaboration with the Muslim World League on December 9, to demonstrate the impact of the Refugee Zakat Fund, which helped bring hope to 584,586 individuals in 13 countries, including Nigeria, thanks to generous Zakat and Sadaqah funds from partners and donors during the first half of 2021. 

Presenting to you our Islamic Philanthropy impact reports in a new digitally interactive format, I hope you will be inspired by more stories of remarkable resilience like Falmata, and see the impact that the Refugee Zakat Fund is having in transforming the lives of hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced people. Stay tuned to our annual Islamic philanthropy report which will be launched ahead of the month of Ramadan next year.

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