Share blessings of the last days of Ramadan with Nadine

“My faith in God is huge, and may God accept my good deeds…I’m raising my children without a father and I’m patient in this. God willing, I hope my children do the best that they can, for me and for their father, may he rest in peace.” Nadine, a Syrian refugee mother in Lebanon.

Ramadan brings back all Nadine’s memories of living normal family life in safety. “My best Ramadan memories from Syria are with my late husband. I used to prepare dinner and wait for him on the balcony. Even if he was late, we wouldn’t eat until he arrived…”

As we enter the last blessed days of Ramadan, we hope that Nadine’s wishes are heard before Eid. Refugee widows like her are struggling with grief while they do everything, they can, to provide for their children alone. After she lost her husband, Nadine is responsible for four children.

Through the Zakat Refugee Fund, vulnerable families like Nadine’s, women, children and the elderly, are supported with cash or in-kind assistance in order to cover their daily needs such as rent, food, healthcare, and debt repayment during Ramadan and beyond.

UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund delivers 100% of your Zakat donations to eligible refugee and displaced families, reducing the hardship they face especially given the covid-19 pandemic.

Help them now #EverySecondCounts

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