You Know where Zakat goes

We know exactly where every penny of Zakat is being spent, how, and on whom, and we make sure they are eligible in the first place. This is because Zakat donors are choosing who to help and where based on the Zakat-eligible options that are provided by UNHCR. In the case where Zakat donors choose the ‘where it’s most needed’ option, our internal Islamic Philanthropy team assesses where (and to whom) these funds are best channeled. This assessment is based on identifying the Zakat-eligible population that is least funded.

Since the establishment of the Refugee Zakat Fund in 2019, we have been publishing two impact reports per year, to show you where Zakat (and Sadaqah) contributions have been distributed, to which refugees or IDPs, and how. Through a set of interactive maps, you can learn about the number of Zakat and Sadaqah beneficiaries in each country, in addition to the mode of distribution. You can also read some stories of hope and resilience from beneficiary individuals and families.

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