This Ramadan, Don’t Give Up On Those Forced to Flee

As one of the most awaited months of the year for many, Ramadan offers a unique opportunity to extend a helping hand to thousands of refugees and internally displaced people in need. These individuals – affected by tragedies such as wars, earthquakes, and droughts – look to Ramadan with gratitude, resilience, and a sense of faith in humanity that is truly inspiring.

This Holy Month, UNHCR invites you to take a closer look at refugees themselves – their stories, their memories, and their prayers. In the face of global economic crises, deepening poverty, natural disasters, food insecurity, and increased challenges and needs, UNHCR’s global Ramadan campaign calls for solidarity and generosity, through which your Zakat will be a lifeline and a beacon of hope for many, including those observing Ramadan away from home.

In an effort to maximize the impact of your support during this blessed month, UNHCR has established various platforms and programs:

  • Ramadan Campaign Page: This is where you may donate to help the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced people prioritize their needs, bringing peace and comfort to their lives.
  • Refugee Zakat Platform: Since 2017, UNHCR’s Refugee Zakat Fund has impacted the lives of over 6 million beneficiaries across 26 countries. UNHCR is committed to distributing 100% of your Zakat. Dedicate it with trust to those who are eligible and in dire need.
  • Refugee Zakat Fund App: Dedicate your Zakat and Sadaqah with the click of a button, using the innovative and efficient mobile app with features like the enhanced Zakat calculator, secure payment, and donation tracking.
  • Sanad – Ramadan Relief Kit: Support earthquake survivors in Syria with essential items such as warm blankets, sleeping mats, and solar lanterns.
  • UNHCR Junior Program: Encourage the spirit of giving in children and young family members by making donations on their behalf.
  • Monthly Giving: Stand in solidarity with a refugee family by committing to a monthly donation, helping them access necessities like food, shelter, and other needs with dignity.

Your donations will support the most vulnerable people in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, Jordan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Indonesia, India, Nigeria, Somalia, and Kenya, among other countries where the needs for displaced persons are on the rise. As our relief efforts continue, we are motivated by your willingness to give more during this blessed month.

Do not give up on those forced to flee, and share your blessings with people in need this Ramadan – and please remember that #EveryGiftCounts. Your donation today will be a lifeline for families facing increasing costs of living with limited resources, providing essential support for food, water, shelter, medicine, and more.

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