Nawal is the sole caretaker of her daughters. Help thousands like her during Dhul Hijjah.

Nawal is a Syrian refugee mother from Daraa. She has been living in Lebanon since 2014 and, like thousands of other refugee mothers, Nawal is the sole provider for her family and the sole caretaker of her two daughters Shireen and Lava. Shireen, her younger daughter, is autistic. She survived breast cancer and today suffers from gland disease and severe diabetes. Lava, her older daughter, suffers from cerebral palsy. She can’t walk or move properly, stays in bed all the

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This month of Dhul Hijjah, dont forget Ayman and Ghalia

Ayman, 53, fled his home in Damascus in 2012. He describes how he lived a good life in Syria before the conflict started. He owned a workshop making women’s purses and a shop to sell them. He travelled to Dubai, Libya and Syria for work, trading with customers across the Middle East and worked side by side with his brother on a daily basis. But then everything changed. “We didn’t expect that events would happen like they did. We thought

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