The Power of 2.5%

Philanthropy has evolved over the past century and driven some of the most profound social impact success stories. At UNHCR, we develop partnerships with aspirations of achieving audacious results and successes. Our Refugee Zakat Fund is an innovative initiative that hopes to bring a catalytic and systemic change in the way we approach and perceive ‘giving’ in general, as well as, the way we look at support for refugees – dignified support. Of course, we cannot aspire alone. It takes

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The Refugee Zakat Fund: 5 Things You Need to Know

I have worked for UNHCR for more than eight years now, and I’ve had the privilege to work on supporting refugee and internally displaced families who have fled some of the world’s most tragic and complex crises; from Syria, Myanmar, Yemen, and Iraq. Since its creation in 1950, UNHCR’s goal is to protect and assist the most vulnerable of refugees, those who had to run for their lives in a matter of seconds, leaving behind shattered lives, homes and loved

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100% Zakat Distribution Policy

Our 100% Zakat distribution policy means that all donations, which are received in a dedicated non-interest bearing bank account, are delivered directly and in full to the most vulnerable refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Operational and overhead costs are covered from other sources (non-Zakat) of funding to UNHCR. UNHCR operates an expansive network of cash assistance programs in 100 countries, through which Zakat funds are channeled and the most vulnerable families are assessed and supported. In Bangladesh, the use

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