The story of Abu Safwan: an elderly refugee who cares for his grandchildren and distributes bread to orphans.

Despite his harsh living conditions, Abu Safwan is keen to help others instead of asking for help, especially after he – along with his wife – lost their four children during the conflict in Syria, rendering them the sole breadwinner for their grandchildren, which also led him to help other orphans. Still affected by the loss of his children, Abu Safwan says: “my grandchildren have become my children, I held them on my shoulders and ran for our lives”.

Abu Safwan and his wife fled Syria while carrying their grandchildren, seeking safety in Jordan, where his old age did not prevent him from extending a helping hand, to the best of his means, to orphans and their families living in his neighborhood: “I am responsible for my [orphaned] grandchildren and I help other orphans. Today, I distributed 60-70 bags of bread to orphans.”

After more than ten years of conflict in Syria, many refugee families in neighboring countries, such as Abu Safwan’s, still go through daily struggles to provide for their loved ones. Abu Safwan is nothing but a beacon of hope, and an icon of solidarity: despite him being in need, he remains adamant to do his absolute best to help his dear grandchildren, and equally to help others that are in need as well.

When reality is harsh, #EveryGiftCounts in making an impact during Ramadan. With your kind and thoughtful support, refugee families in need will be in a better position to secure basic needs and continue living in dignity. #EveryGiftCounts and prevents them from having to ask for help.

During the month of charity, UNHCR strives to mobilize much-needed support for thousands of refugee and internally displaced families around the world. The impact of your support will be felt immediately, especially by vulnerable families of orphans, widows, and the elderly who are in debt and cannot provide necessities for their children, including food, water, shelter, and education.

Last year, Zakat and Sadaqah donations received by UNHCR during the month of Ramadan and year-round, impacted the lives of more than 1.2 million refugees and internally displaced persons in 14 countries, including Jordan where Abu Safwan lives. #EveryGiftCounts in their lives this year as well, please remember them in your Zakat and Sadaqah.

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