Laila, an Iraqi displaced women caring for her grandchildren

Laila is an Iraqi IDP who, aside from battling cancer and enduring chemotherapy, has suffered the loss of her husband and son. She takes care of her grandchildren, yet with the advent of the month of Ramadan, her needs have increased, and this grandmother now stands helpless because of her dire situation and poverty.

At a time when everyone waits for the month of Ramadan to gather around their families, this month has come to remind Laila of her losses and of the huge responsibilities she faces in providing for her grandchildren. Laila is one of more than 1 million internally displaced Iraqis, many of which live in similar conditions.

“What can I say about Ramadan, our sufferings are renewed. We cannot make ends meet. And Eid will come in a few days without anyone there to provide for us.”

She adds, “My grandchildren and I are living together after the loss of their father. I am sick and have become accustomed to chemotherapy and to radiation. Thank God we have a roof.”

Laila is at the helm of one of thousands of vulnerable displaced families that mainly depend on assistance from UNHCR. Your support will help them secure shelter, food, water, and medicine, especially through cash assistance provided by UNHCR. When reality is harsh, #EveryGiftCounts in making an impact.

Laila bears the pain of cancer and chemotherapy, in addition to being in dire need. She points out, “We only eat lentils, rice and beans, and we’re hoping to receive some assistance that would enable us to procure a chicken for the children to eat.”

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