“We cannot afford to eat anything”

As we enter into these blessed last 10 days of Ramadan, our thoughts go out to the millions of refugees and internally displaced people struggling to afford an Iftar meal.

Many stories from the Rohingya camps highlight the immense difficulties faced by mothers and fathers in these situations.

A Rohingya father of six, Liaqat reminisces about Ramadan back home in Myanmar, which he fondly calls ‘a piece of heaven’. He is struggling to provide his children with the food and medicine they need.  

“During Ramadan, people like to eat many different things…but we cannot afford to eat anything.” Liaqat’s heart-breaking statement once again brings to mind how much we tend to take for granted, and the harsh reality of those in need.

The last blessed days of the holy month are a special time for giving. They are our chance to respond to the prayers of thousands of helpless parents like Liaqat Ali. “I pray for my children and grandchildren. And then, I pray for a solution that can lead us back home to Myanmar.”

Your Ramadan Zakat or Sadaqah contribution can be a lifeline for vulnerable Rohingya refugee families like Liaqat’s, providing them with shelter, food, water, and medicine – life essentials that nobody should have to live without.

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