In Ramadan, Every Gift Counts in Making an Impact in the Lives of Refugees

Let’s join hands to help displaced families secure food

Today, refugee and internally displaced families are going through difficult conditions. This has forced such families to make desperate decisions in prioritizing monthly expenses, including medicine and healthcare, which often means they have to procure less meals for themselves and loved ones.

UNHCR is working tirelessly to implement cash assistance programmes targeting most vulnerable refugee and internally displaced families, including families of widows and orphans, to help them secure immediate needs and avoid having to take tough decisions that might have negative implications on them and their children. During the holy month of Ramadan, UNHCR is receiving as much support as possible to be able to continue providing cash assistance to families that are most in need, until the end of the year. On this occasion, UNHCR appeals and calls upon its followers and donors to pitch in as much as possible to lift some of the suffering that these families are having to go through.

Many refugees and IDPs are in dire need for support: Shamsa is a refugee, he has stopped buying meat for her children a year ago. Najma, due to poverty, has been using peels from her vegetables for food. Ahmed, can’t have fried potatoes with his kids anymore due to soaring prices of cooking oil. In a world where hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to leave their homes and are currently living in developing countries with economic challenges, their ability to procure immediate needs, most importantly food, is getting increasingly limited. This has made it even more urgent to join hands together to come to their assistance.

Today, you can dedicate your Zakat to refugee and internally displaced families that are most in need, through the Refugee Zakat Fund app. 100% of your Zakat will reach eligible beneficiaries, without any administrative or overhead expenses deducted. Zakat and Sadaqah donations received by UNHCR last year have helped more than 1.2 million refugees and IDPs in more than 13 countries. This year as well, #EveryGiftCounts.

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