Get to know Fattoum, a displaced Yemeni mother who struggles to take care of her orphaned children.

Fattoum lost her husband and became the sole breadwinner for her four daughters. Thousands of displaced mothers in Yemen share the same fate, having lost their spouses and their homes due to war and conflict. All of them are struggling today to provide meals to their orphaned children to break their Ramadan fasts, and they count on UNHCR to survive.

Around 11 million people in Yemen suffer from high levels of food insecurity. The country is on the brink of famine, and IDPs are four times more likely to go hungry than the rest of the population.

Fattoum’s words testify to the harsh reality that thousands of families like hers face today, during the month of Ramadan: “I eat yoghurt for suhur, and I drink soup to break my fast. I only wish for a good meal. A sweet meal.”

The widowed mother was forced to flee with her daughters in search of safety, while suffering from health problems and difficulty moving. Because of this, she struggles to provide for her children and to care for them. Holding back her tears, she says: “I feel feverish, I feel dizzy, I feel tired, but I can’t just wait for someone to help me… I neither sleep nor rest because I fear for my daughters.”

Around 62% of internally displaced families in Yemen have had to cut back on food.

The story of Fattoum and her family is indicative of the amount of suffering that thousands of internally displaced families in Yemen endure. In a clear display of patience, determination, and faith, she declares: “This is our life, and one should thank God for the good and the bad.”

In the face of daily hardship, #EveryGiftCounts in Ramadan for refugees and IDPs who are most in need. Your support will help provide them with their basic needs, while they maintain their dignity.

During these blessed days, you can dedicate your Zakat to those most in need among refugee and displaced families, through the Refugee Zakat Fund App. 100% of your donation will reach its beneficiaries without any administrative or overhead costs deducted. Zakat and Sadaqah received by UNHCR during Ramadan and over the past year have helped more than 1.2 million refugees and IDPs and their families in more than 13 countries. #EveryGiftCounts in their lives, this year as well.

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