What are refugees praying for during Ramadan?

Last Ramadan, UNHCR field staff in Lebanon and Jordan asked Syrian refugee families about how they are spending Ramadan – and we discovered something beautiful. Despite living in severe need, refugee families are praying for others every single day during Ramadan and beyond.

Please watch this heartwarming video that we made out of the prayers that were caught on camera…

“I pray for all mankind,
may god enrich our hearts with kindness towards each other,
and put mercy in the hearts of everyone.”

Um-Ghazi, refugee in Jordan:

“I pray from the bottom of my heart for all Muslims and those who believe,
Not only for my sons and daughters.”

Um-Imad, refugee in Jordan

“I wish that god will restore my mother’s sight,
And we can go back to our home.”

Doaa, refugee in Jordan

“Oh god help us to fast, pray, lower the gaze and speak kindly.”

Shahed, refuge in Jordan

“Oh god I have no doors but your door,
There is not God but you,
The creator of the heavens and the earth.”

Abu Mohammad, refugee in Jordan

“Oh got protect us,
Oh god protect my brothers and sisters,
And make our lives better than they are now.
And I recite Surah Al-Fatiha for the departed soul of my father.

Mona, refugee in Lebanon

This year, millions of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) are observing Ramadan in extreme hardship and uncertainty. Many rely on informal wages to make ends meet, and will not be able to pay rent or buy food as a result of the lockdown. This Ramadan, we ask you to continue to remember refugees. Your donation can help us to keep families together – a roof over their heads and food on the table – and to protect their families from dangerous coping mechanisms such as child labour, exploitation or early marriage.

#Everygiftcounts this Ramadan!

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