As we make our way through the Holy month of Ramadan this year, millions of people are observing this blessed month in hardship: After fleeing war or violence and now under the exceptional circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Refugees and other displaced people are among the most vulnerable members of our societies and are particularly at risk during this pandemic. The majority of the world’s refugees live in countries with weak water, sanitation and health systems, and often rely on scarce economic resources or daily wages to survive. For those observing Ramadan, the difficult situation could be further exacerbated. These refugees and internally displaced people (IDPs) are prepared for possibility of a fast without iftar.

Coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, launched a global fundraising campaign called ‘Every Gift Counts’ to help raise funds for the most vulnerable families. The campaign focuses on the small but incredible changes that individuals can bring to refugee families; a meal at the end of the day, clean water to drink or to practice ablution and prayers…

This Ramadan, we are asking the public to transform this bittersweet reality of refugee and displaced families observing Ramadan far from their homes, often with such little means. By inviting the public to IMAGINE just how much refugee families have lost because of war and violence, we are equally reminded of how much we can do to help, and the value of the little things that count:

IMAGINE a mosque without prayers, a home without a family a country without people, people without their country

IMAGINE a mother without support, a child without love, a grandparent without care

IMAGINE fasting without iftar, And Iftar without gatherings

IMAGINE Compassion without action


Millions of refugees are still uprooted from their homes, struggling to afford even their basic needs… NOW, IMAGINE WHAT YOUR DONATION CAN DO This Ramadan #Every Gift Counts”

The campaign aims to raise $5 Million globally, through donations including from Zakat and Sadaqah, to help provide life-saving support such as shelter, food, clean water and monthly cash assistance, to the most vulnerable refugees and IDPs – namely orphans, female headed households, and the elderly – those displaced from their homes in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Myanmar.

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